Обновляем рекорд капитана ВДВ

Hi friends! We are returning to the Andrei Filipov’s complex. I even have made Misha to come to the training room. Misha: “Junior Private Misha”
Max: Yes, Junior Private. We’re paratroopers today again. Reminder: 1 circle consists of 3 muscle ups, 3 bar pullovers, 3 dips on a bar, 3 pull ups. One must perform them without landing I did 5 circles last time, need 6. How much have you done? Misha: my maximum. Maximum. Misha: Max delete this please if something goes wrong… Ok, I will Misha: take the magnesia, you will serve me. Misha will be the first. Misha is ready. I’ll assist him. I need to correct camera position. Misha: please control the queue of the exercises. Max: Sure.
Misha: Remind me after each 3rd rep. I’ll check the number of the reps and the quality. You can perform exercises not as good as you do usually. Because Andrei Filipov performed it not in a good technique. 3 muscle ups. Bar pullovers. Dips. Pull ups the muscle ups. 2 more muscle ups. 3 bar pullovers. 3 dips. Misha: pull ups?
Max: pull ups and muscle ups. Excellent. Bar pullovers. Careful. Pull ups then muscle ups. The most difficult part. Bar pullover. It’s OK. As in the Army. Try to perform 5 circles. Don’t hurry. Try the 5th circle. Perform 3 reps. Excellent. 4 circles. He expected to do 3. Misha: the quality was bad at the end. All I can say that quality is better than in Andrei Filipov’s attempt, there is a bit of a niggle at the 4th circle. Behind-the-scenes guys praised the quality. I’ll start the training in my watch. No. It’s enough. We did it. I’ll check it. You’ll see this video only if everything is correct. else there’s no sense to post it. Misha: What if I fail? Who cares. Thank you for watching. Everyone can see the quality of Misha. Misha: …at the first two circles. I think we will continue to train with him. It’s interesting to have a small competition with someone. Small. Thank you and see you later!


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