Бикини и каскадеры.

If I wanted to join your stuntmen team… What should I do for that? What is required from me? What can we do to me? First… Lie down! It’s the first thing to do! Nice to meet you. I’m Maksim. I’m Kate. You’re definitely sportive. Yes, I’m doing fitness and one more thing. Try to guess which one. One more thing? Ok. Can I ask you to do the handstand? Well, yes. There’s no gymnastics in here. Well, ok. Backbend now. Well, not really artistic. Sounds a bit offensive. No! Could you, please, do the split leap. Nope. Why? Well, it’s too personal. Too personal? I don’t know. I probably can’t do that. According to body type, body movement, body posture, it’s more likely – dancing. Does your sport have something to do with the pylon or rope? With what? Well, kind of… rope? What was the first thing you said? Pylon? It means I made a good shot? Yes, indeed, I’m doing Pole Dance. I’m a coach in the dance school. Awesome! Because those things, that girls do on pylon or pole – demand really good physical qualities. It clearly shows how she throws her pelvis and then straighten up. Generally, everything is OK with the technique, everything is fine. So, she would cope with even more difficult task. Yes, I would let you join our team. I would work with you. And as a result, you’d become a worthy member of the team. Any of us shouldn’t perform the stunt, if he is not ready for that. That’s the rule. I mean, if we come to the stage, on the set… and we’re told something like “You shall fall from there”. In case you’ve never done this before, you have to say “No, I won’t do that.”. If we come close to an edge – we are not standing there. Here we can be nervous, worried, kick ourselves, chew fingernails. But here, we are on it – we are ready. And gone. At the command. You just showed me and I’ve already shuddered. I can put few mats here and you can make the cliff jump and fall on the mats. Let’s connect your work with our work. Is it safe? Yes. Drag these mats in here, the whole pile of them. More, guys, more. Come on! Good. Besides releasing the rope, you have to be in the horizontal position to land on the entire body area. It means, you shouldn’t fall on the shoulders, on the legs, on the pelvis. The worst is to fall on the pelvis. And the higher the altitude, the easier it gets. All kidding aside. Honestly. Just fall on your back. You got it. Am I alive? Alive? The training may vary. The inner strength is to fight fear. You have been fearless since childhood? Or it comes? I’m actually afraid a lot. Oh, come on! I let someone join my team only if he knows what the fear is. Yes, that’s because an absence of fear may result in physical injuries. Is it true that fear only exists in our minds? There is such an expression. The self-preservation instinct doesn’t mean that I won’t do that. Self-preservation means that I will do that, but in a safe way. If you’re standing at the edge of the building which is crashing down. And there’s a cushion in front of you or fire behind you. You have to make a step. No matter how frightful it is for you. Because behind you there’s fire. So it’s your choice. It’s often said that girls are cowards. No. I can say it. Look at this girl. Very few of guys are capable of doing things she does without proper trainings. There are girls in our team, who worked at the circus. Also this girl. She worked with the ring. Have you seen that?! So, you know, not all girls are cowards. I didn’t know, I hardly imagined that. Cowardice is not about being a girl or a boy. Cowardice depends just on personality. The highest degree of the cowardice is when you’re responsible for someone’s safety and life… and you’re doing your step back… leaving the person on his own… That’s what cowardice means to me. Drak, could you please climb the pommel horse. Lesha, you climb. Lesha, you do that. Lesha, do the half turn and fall on the back. Come on. Oh, he starts with…? He starts facing it. Come on. Facing it and turning on the back. Ready? Pull your right hand from the bottom towards it, and do the half turn. Come on. Awesome! Good?
Yes, very good. So, the technique doesn’t change depending upon height. There’s only one thing that changes. The level where you start to turn. Here’s the spotting, right. Your point. If doing it now, you turned right here… the only thing that get into the shot would be drop down phase. Face down. That’s why we’re dropping down to the very spotting point and in the end we turn round. So, he jumps off at first, and then turns round. You should never fall on stomach. Never at all. Because your body simply has its own point of gravity. You know, right. While standing-in with boxes, your light parts of the body… I mean, head and legs, they stay on high. All the rest, the weighty parts of the body, they are pushing down. So we understand that we’re pushing down this way. Bending is much easier than sagging on the back. So if we fall on the stomach, firstly it’s very weak protection in here. That’s why ribs are traumatized. And internal organs also. And we’ll be bent. The cause of this bending could be spinal injury. And this, of course, we can’t allow to happen. Are there any tricks you’re not ready for, when you come and get a task? I’m always not ready for the tricks when I come and they tell me to make a trick. I really think that we need a time to prepare. I mean, they say “Could you do that”? I could, but I need time. Every trick is really interesting. I will look into it, I will do it. But in this case I need time to prepare for it. I need to analyze every element. For example handstanding. First, you have to take “front leaning support” and to understand how is it keeping you. If you understand that your hands are shivering on just 2-nd second and you feel falling your face down… It means you have to do push-ups. Spend a month doing this. Go at the centre. And just jump. Good. Watch out. Here it is. Very good. You’re just jumping. Oh, you see, don’t put your own weight backwards. Yes, right, to the front. Watch out. Stop. Stop. Look, here’s the thing we worked with on the pommel horse. He’s jumping and … The same thing. He’s doing here the same thing he was doing there. But here, the dismount is not limited. He’ll again be thrown up and he might be ready to perform anything. Tramp is a severe judge of mistakes. If you put your weight to the wrong side, you’ll be thrown up the same direction. We all prepare for working with the tramp. We have to understand all the nuances of it. Is it your… Yes, yes, this is our exercise equipment. While someone is pumping his muscles, we here are pumping up other things. Look. Stand there. Then do just: one, two, three and jump down. Get into stride with jumping. Come on. Very good. Come on! Go on! Good! So, here you have to understand how and in which direction to put your power. Even working with this element. With an easy one. Let’s make this thing. Could you do backward roll, please. Can you make it? Standing back roll? Yes, this one. Awesome! Sit down. Just sit down. Now you have to do backward roll to handstand. The main thing is to drag the pelvis. It’s the hardest thing to do. Just jump up. Higher. Now the same thing, but pulling your back backwards. Here it is! Now jump up, as high as possible. Then pull your legs to your arms. And stand up on your feet. One, two, three! Oh my God! Well, actually, I’ve overcome my fear today. Don’t be afraid of doing something new. Perhaps when you overcome the fear, you open up new opportunities for yourself, gain new experience. Fear is a necessary sense in our lives. That’s why trying to get rid of it is meaningless. It’ll always be with you. But it will be worthwhile learning for years to use it as a tool, or as a weapon.


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