my name is Kurt Easton I’m a fighter from Cape Town South Africa have been fighting for 3 years in various martial arts competitions winning gold in karate, kickboxing, muay thai and boxing and determined to become a pro fighter and I will fight anybody to get closer to my goal

jump rope 跳繩

Hi, guys!! It’s me Bella. This is Bella teaches Chinese. Today it’s a cloudy day because there is a typhoon coming. That’s why today is a cloudy day. This is Bella teaches Chinese. Today I will teach you how to say “Jump Rope”. In Chinese, we say “跳繩” 跳繩 I can jump fifty times in


– Welcome back to the channel. This is Vincenzo Landino. Today, I’m gonna show you my favorite health and fitness apps. Starting with, the Whoop app. Whoop is a strap fitness tracker that I showed you in a different video. Here’s the accompanying app. This is the dashboard right here for myself. The Whoop app

Fitness, Business from Home and Best Friends

Is this yoghurt or frozen yoghurt? [it’s dairy free ice-cream]… Dairy free ice-cream So today I was invited by Alchemy. Uhm Alchemy is a sports wear brand… Ahh… bestie!!! She’s here! Ce: Eating chocolate and we’re at a fitness event… what did you eat before you came here? Noni: actually it was very healthy. I